Maine Food for the UMaine System: Add your name in support!

In the next few weeks, the UMaine System will finalize Request for Proposal (RFP) language for its upcoming food contract.

The RFP will set terms and conditions for bidding vendors, so it's where the UMaine System can put requirements, like purchasing a certain percentage of food locally where available and competitively priced. (Read more here.)

We're part of the Maine Food for the UMaine System coalition, which has put together a teriffic set of recommendations. The Portland Press Herald has already editorialized in favor of our recommendations.

The Chancellor's office has heard from many producers, students, and members of the community. In the final few weeks, we're hoping as many Mainers as possible will weigh in. Add your name to the petition today. If you can include a personalized note, it will make a big difference. Thank you!